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Software for Sales Automation Lead Management Appointment Management Task Management

3iosales is impeccably smart sales force automation CRM software that prospects to drive sales and sustain long-term profitability enabling you to create and keep a customer. It will help your business to manage sales pipeline, manage leads, and gather, analyze, and retrieve all of the critical information associated with your customer base.


What is 3iosales?

3iosales is Customer Relationship Management software that enables the business to nurture relationships with its customers by aggregating streams of customer data to surface cognizance thereby helping the business owners to make better business decisions.

Why 3ioSales?

Software for driving smart business ideas

Easy Lead Management

With more information readily available, you can manage leads, qualify new leads, and manage sales pipeline faster and focus on promising prospects in the sales process thereby keeping your clientele happy and profitable for the long run.

Task and Appointment

Manage appointments and tasks better to ensure you don’t over schedule or miss a task/appointment. Create and manage multiple tasks/appointments, set reminders, and follow up on scheduled appointments and pending tasks.

Report and Analytics

Get real-time data; quickly and easily access the information you need, exactly when you need it and monitor your sales progress visually with neat graphical charts and tables instantly.

Amazing Features

3iosales is designed in a way that it typically caters to companies with complex sales cycles. Various features of 3iosales can organize contacts; run and measure campaigns; track leads in sales cycle automate workflows, and generate reports on a single platform.

Lead and Deal Management

Track stages of lead and generate new potential business clientele

Contacts Management

Collect, administer, and engage more contacts in fewer steps

Organization Management

Map the organizational structure of your business and company

Task Management

Effectively allocate and distribute tasks for an increased personal and professional productivity

Appointment Management

Manage the scheduling of appointments and meetings

Document Management

Easily manage the documents associated with transactions and its relationship with data

Notes Management

Keep track of your notes by grouping them into categories

Quotation Management

Quickly create quotes and streamline your sales cycle

Email Integration

Manage, respond, and store all your Emails within 3iosales CRM

Plans & Prices

We do our best to give great pricing advice. We have covered almost all important aspects and features of CRM that sales reps use for getting effective results. We believe that no other CRM software can beat its price range and features.



Yearly Plan / User

  • Lead Management
  • Contacts Management
  • Organization Management
  • Task Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Document Management
  • Email and Call Support



Yearly Plan / User

  • Featured of Business Plan
  • Email Integration
  • Custom Changes
  • Email and Call Support

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